• P. I. Barrington Returns To Her First Passion

    P. I. Barrington

    After taking a break from writing and a short detour through the entertainment industry, author P.I. Barrington returns to her very first passion and promises some new material for her readers up in no time.

    As the writer explains dealing with a creational block can become really difficult but once this period is done best believe new quality content will surface and in this case we’ll get to enjoy it. Up next we’re going to find out what’s the author been up to and why the long break took place. Also, we’re going to try and find out what should we expect next from her.

    According to her Goodreads page, P.I. Barrington found herself in a writer’s block after the release of her latest book and decided to take a break from doing this and pass on to the entertainment business. The writer goes on and says that her break lasted for one and a half years and in the mean time she also feared that no one would care once a new novel will be out due to this big delay in between releases. This is how ‘The Brede Chronicles, Book 1′ was actually created back then.

    While enjoying her vape pen every night, the author decided to try and create two different characters and go on with this plan until something bigger comes up. While the SkyCloud vaporizer from KandyPens was doing its thing, P.I. Barrington just started writing because writing anything is better than doing absolutely nothing and that is according to her own saying. The satisfaction of entertaining readers also played a role during the vape session according to P.I. Barrington so from this point to releasing new material there was only a small step to be made.

    Trying to take people on an emotional journey, her will to make a statement on life, our current society and similar aspects are always good reasons for motivation but the author claims she will always remained moved by people coming up to her and saying her books or certain characters made an impression on them. The readers feelings something has always made an imprint on R.I. Barrington and her work up until this particular point.

    That’s not it because according to the writer there’s more to come soon and she’s eager to show us what she managed to pen down during her break from writing. Be sure we will cover and promote every book release.

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  • Questions About P. I. Barrington’s Main Characters

    P.I. Barrington

    Known for creating a futuristic ambiance in her books, P.I. Barrington is a perfect pick if you’re looking for an author to provide you with a balanced combination between science fiction, fantasy, thriller and a bit of horror. Just by mentioning all these elements it’s hard to believe this type of plot can actually make sense or have some room for spicy themes like romance for example but our author manages to juggle with all of them and all this while creating the “perfect world”.

    Yet we couldn’t help but wondering, what would a typical main P.I. Barrington character keep from our world and why. Are we going to reach this type of fantasy world? Will humans make any difference?

    We’re going to take this step by step and try to find a sense for P.I. Barrington’s main characters while also trying to investigate how much would they look like us, the 21st century humans. Maybe it doesn’t sound relevant but offering an appealing human side to the characters has a direct impact on readers and this is most likely a clear tool to measure the success of a book. Let’s take Alekzander Brede from The Brede Chronicles. The author tells us that her main character is half-human but what exactly is human in him?

    Is she an individual that wakes up and drinks a weight loss shake in the morning so he can get pumped up? Weight could be a problem for him. Somehow I imagine Alekzander going online to look for the best product, finding his favorite website and shopping for something like IdealShape. It might sound foolish but how human would this type of character really be and how would he act on a daily basis. Meeting and falling in love with a character such as Elektra Tate is without a doubt a human action to do and you can find this in our days. Feeling betrayed and seeking revenge is also human and Elektra definitely has a mother instinct, that being human-like as well. However the question remains, how are these characters acting on a daily basis and I’m not talking about Elektra Tate and Alekzander Brede only.

    If you ever wondered the same things feel free to jump in the discussion and share your views on this particular matter. Also, how would your main character look in a Sci-Fi/Adventure book? What would the main plot be and why exactly?